Sunday, July 27, 2008


Dear Friends,

After a few years of sitting on this project. Something happened. I came to the logical conclusion that there are many Byzantine Catholics, just like myself, that are so busy that it is difficult to find time to sit down alone or with family and prayerfully read the scripture readings that are a part of our liturgical calendar.

Along with a fervent love for Jesus Christ I want to be the first guy in my jurisdiction (Byzantine-Ruthenian) to put out a podcast to fulfill this need and stick to it. After much brainstorming in front of my computer, and recording over and over I have finally done it.

This podcast is still at its beginning stages. It will go through changes and it will grow. However it won’t do that with out your input. I humbly invite all who are listening to email me and let me know what you think and what I can change, do, or not do in order to make this a podcast that your entire family can enjoy.

ABOUT THE PODCAST. So far I must admit that I have used some pretty sparton methods in putting the podcast together. I am using a software called Audacity that allows me to mix different tracks together and has many tools to (try) and clean up the sound a bit. Also I am using the Douy Rhiems translation of the bible that has no restrictions on reproduction because it is a translation that is almost 500 years old, further the book that I am reading from is 97 years old. So please forgive me if I stumble on a word or two. The music that you hears is from the artist Seraphic Panoply. He publishes podcast free music loops specifically for knuckleheads like myself.

A MANY THANKS TO Brad Wilson, the founder of this podcast for his support and trusting me with grabbing a hold of the reins. I would also like thank Fr. Stephen Muth and Fr. Deacon Nicholas for their continuous support and encouragement with this project. Last but not least I would like to thank our most Blessed and Glorious Lady the Theotokos and ever Virgin Mary for her constant care and intercession through out my whole life to the present day.

Yours in IC XC,

Brian J. Biggerstaff
St. Luke’s Byzantine Catholic Church
Sugar Creek, MO

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