Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Lord you shall open my lips and my mouth will proclaim your praise!

You're probably wondering whats going on with me. Well......a lot. Recently I just started a rigorous exercise program. I run three times a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Secondly, I bit more has been added to my duties at work.

With the new changes I have had to adjust the rhythm of my life in a way so I can continue this podcast. The following changes have been put in order.

1. I have brought the number of episodes each week from 7 to 5. Monday through Friday and all of the major feast days.

2. I will publish all five episodes a week prior so that every listener can have all five episodes on their iPod throughout the week. You no longer will have to log in every night to get an episode.

I want to thank everyone for your love, prayers, and patience. I'm back in the saddle!


Henry said...

Praise God! I had just discovered this wonderful podcast on iTunes, and just as I was hooked, you went missing. I was at the point where it had become a major part of my day and was bummed to miss it! Thank you for your time and effort on this wonderful labor of love. I'm a Western Catholic who through this podcast has discovered the great joy of Eastern worship and prayer. I look forward to hearing and learning more and will always keep you in my prayers. Welcome back!

jim said...

Glad you are back! Also, great that you have started exercising...I did, too, around three weeks ago and I feel better!

God bless you and your work.