Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update on the Podcast

Dear Friends,

Just thought I would update you on the progress I have been making to get my computer up and running so I can continue to bring you podcast each day.

Every thing is going very well. Me and Chris have been talking to each other each day and we finally got the last few pieces together. My PC should run about 4 times quicker by the time we are through.

Looks like I could have this back online by Monday April 20th {{crosses himself}}. I want to thank every one that participated by donating the funds to purchase the hardware and the software.

Your humble servant in IC XC,
Brian J. Biggerstaff


Jim said...

In some ways it is a good thing that your computer went on the fritz. We, your listeners, got a chance to realize just how valuable your podcast is to us and helpful in our prayer life and you got a chance to learn just how important your work is which was shown by the donations that covered your "re-launch." Keep up the great work, friend! We appreciate it!

St. Lukes Byzantine Catholic Church said...


Thanks Jim. When I get my PC back from repair I am going to publish the best prayer podcast on iTunes. This experiance has motivated me in a big way.

The recent silence has allowed me to examine what I could do better. This time I should share more what's going on in my heart every now and then.

I think of all of the blessings that our Lord has showered on me and I am certain that there is very little I can do to deserve it. This work. This podcast... I am having a lot of fun trying to.

Everyone should look forward to a great podcast of prayer in the Byzantine-Ruthenian Tradition. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Your humble servant in IC XC,
Brian J. Biggerstaff

PMG said...

Ditto what Jim said!

I REALLY liked the addition of the St. Ephraim (sp) prayer at the beginning of each podcast in Lent!

God bless,