Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Attention T-Mobile G1 Owners

If you are a user of the new T-Mobile G1 or Google smart phone there is a new application available that you can download for free and use to enjoy this podcast while you are on the go. It is called "DoggCatcher”. Here is the website of the good folks that developed the software if you are interested in learning more. I also found that this website is very informative for anyone wanting to learn more about PODcasting.


All you have to do is type the RSS feed URL for this podcast into the “Add Podcast” field of the software and you’re all set up.


I know.......It is a pain in the rear typing the entire URL, but it is well worth the effort. I try to do everything I can to stay on the cutting edge of inviting others to pray with me and sharing the Light of the Gospel with others.

Your humble servant in IC XC,
Brian J. Biggerstaff

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